Farewell Alban

PrintToday the Alban Institute officially announced plans for a significant restructuring.The consulting and education programs of Alban are being discontinued as of March 31, 2014. The publishing imprint has been sold to Rowman and Littlefield. You can read the official announcement on the Alban website.

I have been working as a Senior Consultant of the Alban Institute for nine years. At the end of this month, that relationship comes to an end. I am grateful, optimistic and sad during this remarkable season.

Let me begin with gratitude. The Alban Institute has provided me with a significant home base from which to build a consulting, coaching and teaching practice. Alban helped me find my voice as a writer and become a published author. The reputation of the organization has attracted an ongoing stream of interesting and challenging conversation partners, colleagues, clients and dear friends. I have been sharpened and formed in remarkable ways through my affiliation with the Alban Institute.

I am optimistic. I have been anticipating this transition for some time. Last year I transitioned from being an employee of Alban to functioning as an independent contractor. I formed my own L.L.C. and have been operating under the name, Susan Beaumont & Associates, for over a year now. My consulting and speaking year is fully booked for 2014 (although I am still accepting some new coaching clients) and I am currently booking engagements for 2015. I have more incoming requests for work than I can accommodate. Every day I feel blessed to be doing the work that I do, and to work with the congregations and clergy leaders that I have the good fortune to serve. I am confident that my practice will carry on, and unfold in new and exciting ways.

I will continue to engage in consulting, coaching, and spiritual direction relationships; and I will continue to design and facilitate education events, and retreats. I plan to maintain active relationships with other former Alban colleagues, and I look forward to forming new working relationships, with yet undiscovered partners. My books, “When Moses Meets Aaron” and “Inside the Large Congregation” continue to be available through Amazon, other major booksellers, and directly through Rowman and Littlefield. E-book versions are not currently available, but I am told they will be available again soon. I will continue this blog and I will begin a monthly e-newsletter within the next several months.

Finally, I am sad. The Alban Institute has been an important presence on the American religious landscape for forty years. Congregational leaders have looked to Alban as a beacon of hope and good practical wisdom in trying times. The books, the education events and the consultations have strengthened many congregations and shored up countless clergy leaders over the years. I have loved being part of this story, and I am sad that the Alban name will no longer serve as a unifying banner over a community of practice.

In the midst of the business and busyness of transition, I want to pause and register appreciation for each of you that continue to follow my work and support me in this ministry. I am strengthened by your encouragement, challenged by your partnership, and emboldened by your faith.

Thank you!

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