Staff Team Development

The staff team is the engine that drives a large congregation.  We offer a variety of consulting and education services to help strengthen the performance culture of your team.

Staffing Assessments: An independent assessment of  team design and function helps to align staff energies in the pursuit of mission. An assessment typically focuses on some combination of the following areas: Staffing Structure,  Operating Culture, Performance Management Practices, Team Meeting Practices and Supervisory Practices.  All assessments are customized to address your specific questions and concerns.

Building a Performance Management System: Supervision is performance management; the act of supervisors and employees working together to set performance expectations, and engage in  continuous feedback. We can help you craft a performance management system, and we can train your leaders to become more effective performance managers.

Team Building: We have developed a self-assessment tool around thirty benchmark indicators of staff team health. We can work with your team in half day, full day, or multiple day retreat settings, to foster greater creativity, collaboration and accountability.