Size Transition

Changes in the size of the budget and worship attendance (either through growth or attrition)  involve predictable changes in five interdependent leadership structures: staff team design, board function, senior clergy role, role of the laity, and strategic engagement. We can help you right-size your leadership systems for your context.

Developing Leaders: Sometimes, all that your leaders need is a shared vocabulary to talk about what they are experiencing. We can work with your leaders to help them better understand why size matters, and how size changes things in congregations.  Once they understand what is happening, many leaders can figure out how to right size the leadership systems of the congregation on their own, or with minimal coaching support.

Transition Assessment: Are all five of your primary leadership systems experiencing stress at the same time?  If so, we can help with an independent assessment of your leadership structures. An assessment involves two onsite visits.  In the first visit the consultant gathers data through individual interviews and team meetings.  In the second visit, the consultant delivers a comprehensive written report and facilitates a leadership workshop to teach leaders how to right-size their leadership structures.