Core Values

The following core values and beliefs guide every consulting relationship:

Focusing Mission:  Every faith-based organization has a God-given mission that is a unique reflection of the community it serves and the giftedness and passion of its membership.  Coaching or consulting in any area of organizational health must always connect to mission as the cornerstone.

Strengthening Covenant: The core relationship that stands at the center of congregational life is covenantal relationship with God. We seek to mirror that primary relationship within our personal and leadership relationships.  Covenant requires clarity of expectations and accountability.

Balancing Health: A ministry that is spiritually vital, relationally whole and organizationally strong will find a way to be missional in focus.  Numerical growth is a by-product of health in these areas.  Numerical growth is never an end unto itself.

Aligning Resources:  Every congregation operates with limited resources.  To most effectively utilize available resources, leadership systems must be “right-sized”.  All available resources must be deployed in service to an articulated overarching strategy.

Sharing Leadership:  Congregations are healthiest when strength of leadership on the staff team is balanced with strength of leadership among the laity. An effective consultation seeks to strengthen and balance clergy, staff and lay leadership voices.

Building on the Positive: Congregational development is most effective when it taps into core strength.  All consultations begin with an assessment of what is working well and what is giving life in the congregation.  Clients are invited to lean into their challenges and opportunities out of this positive core.

Inviting Discernment: What we do as congregations, and how we do it, matters to God.  Our work with congregations is sacred work.  Each consultation seeks to make space for the divine to manifest in the midst of the work.