Consulting Services

There are moments in the life of every congregation when leaders feel stuck and could benefit from the perspective of an outside voice:

  • You can’t gain clarity or commitment about the next chapter of ministry.
  • Staff is working at full capacity, but can’t keep up.
  • Staff members work in silos with little collaboration.
  • Lay leadership has abandoned its responsibility for ministry.
  • The congregation experiences growth spurts, followed by decline.
  • Key leaders are approaching retirement age with no succession plan.
  • Leaders keep solving the same problems that don’t stay fixed.

If any of these symptoms describe your congregation, help is available. In a brief, free phone conversation Susan can explore the symptoms you are experiencing, and help you decide whether consulting help is appropriate for your situation.

Every one of our consultations is customized to meet the unique needs of the client.  Typical consulting packages that clients request include:

To learn more about getting help, email us at