Coaching Relationships

Does it sometimes feel like you are slogging through mud trying to move your ministry forward?  Is your congregation experiencing a transition that you feel ill-equipped to lead? Are the demands of ministry depleting your spirit? Are you stuck, trying to free yourself from the tyranny of the urgent to focus on the right things?

If these conditions sound familiar, a coaching relationship might be right for you. Sometimes it helps to find a listening accountability partner, someone who can lend perspective to your leadership challenges and help you to stay focused on the right things.

Leadership coaching is a one on one helping relationship between Susan and a leader that is designed to help the client maximize personal and professional leadership effectiveness. Susan elicits solutions and strategies from the client; enhancing skills, resources and creativity that the leader already has. Coaching is designed to provide leaders with a greater capacity to produce results and a greater confidence in their ability to do so.

What does it involve?

A coaching relationship begins with a free twenty minute phone conversation between you and Susan, to help clarify your coaching objectives and to determine whether you and Susan are good partners for a coaching relationship.

A typical coaching relationship involves a package of six, one-hour conversations scheduled at your convenience over a six month time period.  Conversations are conducted by telephone or by Skype.

To learn more about a coaching relationship with Susan, email her at