Board Development and Governance

In the large congregation, the governing board must operate with clear strategic focus and clarity of purpose. Oftentimes, large congregations need to reduce and simplify the size and structure of the board to improve strategic decision-making. We can pinpoint needed areas of development and facilitate those changes.

Governance at its best involves:

  • Naming organizational outcomes
  • Shaping the identity of the congregation
  • Clarifying and justifying authority
  • Making internal lines of authority clear and accessible to outsiders
  • Fostering transparency in decision making
  • Empowering decisive, flexible and adaptive decision making
  • Providing continuity in leadership
  • Insuring that membership voice is represented
  • Stimulating meaningful participation of volunteer membership
  • Creating action and forward momentum
  • Insuring accountability, evaluation and review &
  • Fostering fiduciary trust

We can work with your board leaders in retreat settings, or within their typical meeting structure.  We can guide them through a self-assessments of their own work, or we can conduct an independent assessment of their practices. Either way, we introduce  best practices for large congregational contexts.