Innovation & Early Adopters

When I work with congregations in the midst of change I often speak about Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve . It’s important for leaders to think about where they are focusing their energies among follower groups as they seek to lead change, (innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, laggards). So often, leaders waste their energy trying to get “laggards” on board with a proposed change. The reality is that laggards are never likely to come on board and they’ll sap all of our leadership energies if we let them. The diffusion of innovation curve reminds us that it’s much more effective, from a leadership perspective, to focus our energies on the innovators and early  followers. This week I discovered a wonderful TED talk video that illustrates the importance of harnessing the energy of those first followers. Check it out. It’s funny and SO true.

How to Start a Movement

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